Mentalist Oz Pearlman Gets Inside John Cena’s Head | TODAY

Mentalist Oz Pearlman, a finalist on season 10 of “America’s Got Talent,” demonstrates his seeming ability to read minds on Tamron Hall and John Cena, appearing to predict the people they are planning to get in touch with soon. “That is weird good!” Cena exclaims. “I think he broke my arm,” says Pearlman.
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Mentalist Oz Pearlman Gets Inside John Cena’s Head | TODAY



  1. you could also see him at the beginning keep one hand down to his side while he told the hosts to put both hands up to their head and then touched her right hand with what probably was a stamp on his hand while she had her palms faced down and put it on her palm and then forced that hand to be the one to open…and obviously vince was already written before….but still doesnt change thefact that he had to know thats what they would say…

  2. oh my god fire the cameraman he zoomed on the name written on his forearm and LISTEN he drops that he knows its giarnas birthday next week and hes going to the party so no wonder he guessed her he led her to think of her by saying its someone close to her heart and she will be seeing them next week……so yeah hmmmm try again

  3. He has her put her hands up and grabs her right hand at 30 second able to transfer to her slight different G . And Vince is a business partner. As in Vince Mcman from WWE and he says at the end your boss like he had a light bulb moment. Corny!

  4. @1:34 you can clearly see Vince written on his arm. Like wtf man, now I feel like all the judges from America’s got talent were in it with this guy too. Everything is staged now a days.

    EDIT: obviously John cena saw Vince on his arm right before he grabbed it.

  5. He should try it on normal people, but if it works with normal people too then he is definitely a master media hacker and spies beforehand which is creepy..I dont know about you guys but I sense a weird deceiving energy about him and I dont even feel that when I watch david blaine or other magicians

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