Mentalism | Mentalist smashes cups with a HIDDEN steel spike!
Mind reading and non-verbal communication, performance done in Johannesburg with mentalist Gilan Gork. This video shows a group of people enthralled by Gilans ability to mind read his participant into figuring out under which cup she placed the spike. This could be a dangerous trick – but with mind reading ability and influence/ influential control he has over his participant, he is able to excite and amaze his participants.

In this video Gilan Gork tries a little lie detection experiment to see how our levels of influence with people will affect our levels of leadership. As many of us know if we want to achieve anything great in life we need to influence people. Influencing people is a skill that can be learnt and can ultimately help you to manipulate situations. This is especially beneficial when in the business environment as it can assist with leadership, sales and negotiations.
If you would ike to fast track your dreams and goals, influence-ability is important… find out how Gilan Gork was able to influence the lady with body-language and influence.

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