Manifest MIRACLES Sleep Meditation ~ Listen Every Night Before Bed

Manifest MIRACLES while you SLEEP ~ Listen Every Night

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Welcome to Dauchsy Meditations. Sometimes life becomes difficult, sometimes it becomes very very hard. Maybe you are dealing with a difficult situation right now in your life. Maybe you are having relationship troubles, money problems, maybe you are experiencing abuse, the lose of a loved one, addiction, or a deep depression. Life can become very difficult at times, and in these times, it’s so hard to see that light at the end of the tunnel, it’s so hard to think positive and see yourself ever getting into a better place. Sometimes we just need a miracle to happen in our lives. In this meditation, you will be focusing on manifesting that miracle in your life. You will be focusing on a better life for yourself. Whether this miracle comes from your subconscious mind, the universe, or god, With faith, love, and the courage to take action, I promise you, miracles will happen in your life.
It is recommended to listen to this meditation daily right before bed. Not only will this meditation help you fall asleep, but it will give your subconscious mind, direct, focused intention to take that miracle you created in your mind, and manifest it into reality.

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