MAKE YOUR CRUSH GO CRAZY OVER YOU | Find Your Soulmate – Subliminal Affirmations

MAKE YOUR CRUSH GO CRAZY OVER YOU | Find Your Soulmate – Subliminal Affirmations

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This session is programmed with subliminal messages to make your crush go crazy over you. The law of attraction suggests that our thoughts be it negative or positive attract respective results. Therefore, have a firm and positive belief and observe the outcomes. The theta binaural beats used in this session works best for creating a positive emotional connection. Use of positive affirmations while listening is recommended.

Note: Listen to this session with a pair of headphones in a moderate volume. Use it for at least 30 minutes daily in the morning or while sleeping.

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I am worthy of immense love.
I can pave my way for a life full of love and care.
The universe is leading me towards the love of my life.
I am confident on finding my soulmate.
My heart is open to receive eternal joy of a healthy relationship.
I can attract the right person as my partner.
I am filled with joy for my crush.
My feelings are radiating through this universe towards my crush.
The universe will bless me with my better half.
I am grateful for my crush coming to my life.

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