Magnet for Single Available Women – Super-Charged Affirmations

The theory (we believe it is much more than just a theory!) is that when you first start saying your positive affirmations, they may not be true, but with repetition they sink into your subconscious mind, you really start to believe them, and eventually they become your reality, they become a self fulfilling prophecy and actually become true.

Over time they overwrite any limiting or negative beliefs you may have about yourself or about not being able to do something, and replace them with positive thoughts and beliefs which instill confidence, belief, positivity, ambition and much more.

As you listen to these affirmations, you will find yourself feeling more positive than before the video began.


Hope this video inspires and motivates you to take action. 🙂

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I am extremely physically attractive.
I deserve the best.
I can and will have anything that I desire.
I think positive thoughts and radiate positive energy with ease.
I am full of positive thoughts from the moment I wake up.
I am a magnet for single available women.
I am a magnet for hot single available women.
I am a magnet for beautiful, amazing single available women.
I am the PRIZE.
I now experience far more in my life than ever before.
All of my 5 senses are always being enhanced.
I always live my life to the fullest.
I love myself and my life.
I am wise and responsible.
I am always at peace with myself.
I am popular and cool.
I am always fun to talk to.
I am incredibly handsome.
Everyone around me enjoys my company.
I always receive compliments from people around me.
I am an optimistic person.
I am full of optimism.
I radiate love and happiness.
I am always surrounded by love.
I can achieve greatness.
I can achieve all my desires and dreams.
I always take action and go for what I desire.
I am highly admired every where I go.
I am extremely inspirational to those around me.
The universe is sending amazing single women to me now.
I am now a magnet for amazing single available women.
I am a smart, handsome, sexy, and ambitious.
Single women want me and seek me out to talk to me.
Gorgeous Single women are instantly attracted to me.
Beautiful single available women approach me.
All beautiful single girls are attracted to me
All gorgeous single women are attracted to me.
I am a catch and any woman that’s around me is fortunate to have my attention.
I meet and flirt with new single available sexy women everyday.
Single women desire me as soon as they see me.
Single women are instantly attracted to me at first glance.
Single women instantly become infatuated with me at first glance.
I easily attract and seduce any women I desire.
I produce extremely powerful pheromones that easily attract beautiful amazing single women to me.
I radiate an aura of approachability.
I have smiling eyes that attract beneficial attention.
Single women are instantly attracted to my face when they see me.
Hot single women love to admire and touch my body.
Gorgeous single women become aroused when they think about me.
Hot single Women Open Me all the time.
Single Women approach me and ask me my name.
Single women are instantly curious about me and approach and ask for my name.
Hot single women Ask for my phone number all the time.
Beautiful single women start conversations with me all the time.
Single women approach me all the time.
Single girls ask for my number all the time.
Beautiful single women approach me every time I go out.
Hot single women ask for me number whenever I go out.
+ Many More Affirmations!