Magician REACTS to Tom Stone MASTER of Magic on Penn and Teller FOOL US 2019

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Magician reacts to Tom Stone 2019 perform magic tricks for Penn and Teller on their show Penn & Teller Fool Us 2019. Tom Stone shows an original magic effect which is complex and extremely well thought out. It’s an example of how to construct magic. This video shows the reaction of someone familiar with card magic so you can see how someone in this field feels about the performance! This is Fool Us Season 6 2019 s06e09. Do you understand how he did all of his various magic effects? Was there any part that fooled you particularly badly?? ๐Ÿ™‚

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    How did you like Tom Stone's magic act? He seems to apply a very magical way of thinking to the creation of his effects. Also, WOW… this video was very long! :-0 It seemed I was discussing the act much longer than I realized… perhaps due to the performance having many pieces worth discussion. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the video! And hope you're having a great week!! ๐Ÿ‘

  2. Great effect from a true Master of the art. This is what separates a master from all the rest – creativity, huge amounts of prep work, and practice, practice, practice. Once again, you have done an excellent job of reviewing without revealing too much – very hard to do in this situation. As to the fable: never turn a blind eye to any quarter – what you least expect can be your downfall.

  3. So the page "260" is not the same one he ripped. If you watch when she chooses her page @ 4:03, there's a "14" chapter number on the side she sees #260 – that's the page he supposedly rips from the book @ 7:27. When he goes to show the ripped page at the end @ 8:36, we see both sides and there's no chapter 14 title either side. Also the position in the book for page "260" doesn't match where she stopped and where he ripped.

    A couple of points to keep in mind.

  4. really elegant use of basic techniques. as for the card and the book, we are on the same page i think (pun not intended!). but the card rip is known and easily could have duplicates of both the ripped card and book, using the perfect (too perfect) ridges of the rips that matched up as proof that they belonged to the same original. all in all a nice combination of effects.

  5. With all due respect, and no offense, but I wonder why I'm even watching your video. You reveal nothing. In fact, you explicitly tell us what you don't want to say lest you reveal too much. You narrate the events of the Penn & Teller video of what we just saw, only in a more boring medium of narration — speech. And I don't see the point of your Aesop's Fables vis-a-vis your video.

    Sorry, I just see no point in watching another video of yours.

  6. If you look at the card carefully itโ€™s not an exact match, there is a little bit of black club on the bigger piece, but when he tore it it wasnโ€™t there. I think the rip page might be micro perfed.

  7. What was clearly obvious was when he grouped the boxes back together he presented the same red diamond box and it was blue, so suggests he removed the red diamond colour and offered the same box back while another red diamond box hasn't been inspected and is the key to the trick….

    I saw this without any prompts or forewarning which just made the rest of the trick unimpressive.

  8. i definitely noticed all of the things you did, but not being all that well-versed in actual techniques and methods (i'm a huge magic lover, but can't really do much of it myself, as i have a condition that prevents full dexterity in my hands) i was legitimately fooled in how any of it actually contributed to the success of the routine.

    that being said, his patter was EXCELLENT, and i really enjoyed his humor, especially during the "whose box is this??" moments with his hilarious facial expressions. just a terrific performer all around.

  9. He ask which card n the guy said 5 of โ™ฆ๏ธ but the magician quickly said 5 of โ™ฃ๏ธBut he should not hv known bc he hadnโ€™t turned the card over yet!

    N WHAT โ€œjudgesโ€?!?! THEY are the judges I thought!

  10. the thing that caught my attention was when he asked Adrian what card he had and Adrian said the wrong suit. Stone corrected him, telling him what card he drew when he specifically asked Adrian not to show him the card. This would mean that Stone might have known the card beforehand?

  11. Such a messy performance. No idea why people are impressed with this. It's one of the weaker tricks I've seen on the show. I feel like Tom Stone is a better inventor of tricks than he is a performer based on this. it just seemed awkward and he messed up majorly with the 5 of clubs/diamonds bit

  12. Adrian couldn't remember that he had the 5 of clubs,he actually said 5 of diamonds but the magician corrected Adrian about the 5 of clubs but he wasn't shown the card by Adrian…that was an obvious set up card for Adrian to draw.

  13. Here are my guesses:

    2:06 He shows the first red box. It's a totally normal box.
    2:35 He puts it on the top of the pile, label facing down.
    2:41 But now he puts down the bottom one on the table, which also has a red label. This one is not a normal box at all.
    2:44 The top box now shows a blue diamond. Apparently he removed the red label, I don't know how, or when. He lets the two examine the box again, which I thought was hilarious if you realize that's the same box again.
    3:00 The green box is not examined, it has an extra (moving) bottom plate, and a 5 of clubs with a missing corner above it.
    3:04 He opens the box upside-down , this way, the moving bottom-plate is raised, and an open drawer keeps it there. The card is between the gap, so the drawer appears empty.
    3:20 He shows the audience about 1/4 of the cards, which are indeed all different.
    3:27 But he lets Adrian choose from the other 3/4, which are all 5 of clubs.
    3:39 Adrian puts back the card, Tom closes the drawer. That releases the moving plate. Now Adrian's card is pressed underneath, and the prepared card is sitting in the drawer. Tom opens it again (just a little bit) to put the rest of the deck.
    4:04 When Alyson shouted stop, the book was on page 324 (this is important because Alyson thinks it's page 260). You can look up The Silent Corner by Dean Koontz on Amazon, page 324 is available for online preview, the content matches perfectly.
    4:10 Tom somehow shows a fake page number (260) to Alyson. I don't know how he does it, but his hands are very tense.
    4:14 From here on for a while his right hand looks like palming something, but I think he's pretending, to mislead Penn and Teller.
    6:21 He opens his own box. This one has a moving back plate installed with a spring-loaded hinge. When the drawer is closed, there is a book resting on it, pressing it fully down. But when he opened it for the first time, he somehow held back the book in position (probably some other mechanism at the end of the box), so that the back plate stands upright when open, no sign of any book. The card case is an empty case with both ends removed. This way, when the drawer is closed, the book runs over. This is important for another reason later. He almost failed there, because the fake case was depressed too much that it couldn't quite restore to upright position. He tries to fix it quickly at 6:21, but not that successful. You can see it tilted towards one side at 6:23, and you can also clearly see one of the ends is missing.
    6:29 He carefully picks up the prepared card, always covering up one of the corners, because it is already torn (almost, left a little bit at the end), he has to cover up the seam.
    6:42 Not actually tearing, except for the final bit.
    7:08 He opens the box for the second time, this time releasing the book. But beneath the book, there is also an extra bottom plate that comes with it, covering the card and the empty case. So when he takes out the book, the box appears empty.
    7:28 He pretends to tear down page 260, but he is actually picking up page 260 from Alyson's book, which he torn down before the show and pasted in his book.
    7:50 He opens the box for one last time, this time holding back the book again, but the bottom plate goes with the drawer. No card seen, neither book.
    7:55 He opens Adrian's box, revealing the prepared card. The card picked by Adrian is hidden under the bottom plate.
    8:03 He drops something into the glass, that's the corner from the card Adrian is now holding. At this point, there are two corner pieces in the glass.
    8:06 He pours out the pieces, hidden behind the book page, picks the right one to show the audience. The two pieces look extremely similar, because they are torn together stacked up before the show.
    8:27 He lets Alyson reveal the torn page 260, which has been like that during the entire show.

  14. How the fuck did he change the box diamond colour. Places red on on the top of the pile at 2:30 then places the bottom one on the table and.tjats red and the top ones blue ? Lol he fooled them but the judges were cunts

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