Magician REACTS to The Clairvoyants mind-readers on AGT The Champions 2019

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Magician reacts to The Clairvoyants on America’s Got Talent The Champions 2019 performing mentalism. This video shows the reaction of a magician so you can see how someone in this field thinks about it! This is the finale results show for AGT Champions 2019, and although they were not competing, The Clairvoyants mind-readers were invited to perform. This pair of mentalists put on a fun and entertaining show including a device call the Randomizer that shoots balls into the audience. It’s a gigantic machine gun that Terry Crews gets to fire!

The original video:

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  1. 1) Thanks for watching! 😉 The Clairvoyants seem like a really fun and cool pair of magicians. A very enjoyable performance!
    2) My reaction to Shin Lim WINNING the whole thing (from this same episode) is here —>
    3) And if you wanna learn some magic yourself, click on my channel home page and look at the Magic Trick Tutorials playlist. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. Jason I'm a mentalist so you don't have to give me your thoughts…I already have them LOL! Haven't watched it yet but I award them zero points for the shows name: The CLAIRVOYANTS How unoriginal can you get? Stopped watching at 4 mins…really contrived bullshit.

  3. Jason, mentalists always use plants in the audience. It's part of what they do. The Amazing Kreskin and many others were "exposed" over the years along with those who claim to talk with 'spirits.' It is to be enjoyed as an artful performance but we have to know that it is not real.

  4. They sounded “Cherman” to me. The randomizes was simply an electric tennis ball
    server. Tennis players practice with them ALL the time. They are easily 50 years old. I noticed Simon said, with great emotion, he wanted one!
    Love your channel Jason

  5. Jason, check the video. You will see some of the balls have names printed on them and inside the machine. So if the balls where randomly released to random persons in the audience, the possibility of a match is really impossible or too much luck! (and I dont think this is a very lucky act).

    One chance is that the balls with name printed on them were not released to the public and were seeded to some guys in the public that are part of the trick. I think thgis part of the explanation of the trick… What do you think? regards

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