Magician REACTS to Professional REGURGITATOR Stevie Starr on Romania's Got Talent 2019

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Magician reacts to Stevie Starr The Professional Regurgitator perform for the judges on Romanias Got Talent 2019. Is he using magic tricks or is it real? Find out what a magician thinks about Stevie’s performance in this recent episode from Romania’s românii au talent auditions. One of the best auditions for sure! He uses coins, a billiard ball, sugar, soap, smoke, and flammable gas to breathe fire! What does Stevie NOT do?? Stevie was also on AGT (America’s got talent) The Champions 2019. He didn’t win, but he has an amazing and unique act!

The original video:

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  1. I have to say it was interesting watching you slowly come to the realization that this is not an illusion. I’ve been watching Stevie since the early 80’s on shows like ‘That’s Incredible’ and he is not a magician. He basically has one of the most unique talents on earth.

  2. I was thinking that his front top teeth are missing so if part of his upper gums are also missing he has more space in his mouth than the average person. That could explain the coin trick. But everything else is actually going in his stomach.

  3. It seems more likely that he is inhaling rather than swallowing the items..If he really did swallow the sugar I don't think he could bring it back and definitely not dry..In the case of the smoke he probably just times how long he can hold it in his lungs before it disappears and makes sure he brings it back before that amount of time is up. It might not even be real smoke…it could be one of those realistic looking vaping "cigarettes". I do believe he is actually "swallowing" some of the items but probably slight of hand is involved in some of the more complicated tricks.

  4. I have seen the gas trick before that’s what the waters for the gas floats on the water in the stomach. I got a little scared when he put the lighter in his mouth if you look closesly there’s is some frosty stuff in his mouth not sure if that’s just the accelerant that pushes the gas but if it didn’t dissipate he would catch fire all the way down to the stomach The cigarette smoke I’m not sure if it would dissipate in his stomach. His body is def taking some damage doing these tricks

  5. There's no way a pool ball can be swallowed, so part of the act is illusion part is most likely real. His teeth (or lack of) allows for more space than most, for the coins it could be a small device he can store the coins and can release them as wanted with his tongue. This way he could have the pool ball at the back of his mouth, release the coin from the top of his mouth, then push out the ball. Overall great performance and very entertaining.

  6. I think he's figured out a way, to close off the part of his throat where most of his stuff he's working with, like butaine and cigarette smoke, instead of going to his lungs goes into his stomach. He may have had surgery in order to accomplish with. Or he's figured out a way to open his trachea at will. When you eat food, and you begin to swallow, the trachea cuts off the food, keeps it from going into your throat, but the food goes into the part that sends food to your stomach. And in that he still might've had surgical help

  7. He is fun, fresh and has been around a loooong time. His act has a lot of the charm of street performance, though here on a large stage. It seems that the coin thing and the sugar is magic, but the rest seems legit regurgitation. Still in the middle of it all he also swallows a billiard ball, which would make it hard to hide anything in the mouth. I could have wished for him to have had his big break through on the big stage. Its like it just never happened. By far the best out there at what he does and very unique and likeable.

  8. I have been a sword swallower since I was a teenager, stupid party trick gone right, they turned into other stupid ‘I winder if I could’ tricks, and the sugar isn’t a trick, I have worked with Stevie over the years in my travels, he is a world record holder for regurgitating through Guinness, light bulbs and so on, he is seriously a funny guy, and the gas is legit, and yes, it does burn your mouth, I do it also, or did it, those days are over, he is the real deal, not an illusionist, but a funny regurgitating Scotsman who has made a career from his act…

  9. Just so you know buddy there is no magic Here I've personaly met this guy and there is no tricks he just developed his stomach muscles over the years when i say year I mean 30 years. Its great to watch he can swallow many things it's endless. Still waiting for him try a TV

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