Magician REACTS to Jon Dorenbos on AGT The Champions 2019

A magician reacts to watching Jon Dorenbos perform mentalism magic for the judges on AGT The Champions 2019. Find out what a magician thinks about Jon’s new magic tricks in this recent episode of America’s Got Talent where they bring back champions from prior seasons from all over the globe. Some of AGT best magic.

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  1. Unless Howie was told to select the top right for the first X. After that, the entire game's outcome is determined by Jon's second selection (provided you are playing to win). I too think the black box was rigged for them to pick their words. He kept telling them not to look, the assistant was probably opening different bags/chambers for them to pick from.

  2. The only trick was letting the judges to pick those words he wanted too becuase the guy who brought the box was shuffling before letting the other judge choose so my guess it has some compartments from which judges are chossing those papers.

  3. Greetings from Azerbaijan. Ok i will explain. Dorenbos starts first-Put O in the middle. It does not depend on howies choice. All three judges have X. And if howie put X to another place only places of melb and simon will be changed. There is no special trick.

  4. compartments in the box maybe easily switched if thats the case and the tic tac toe all he had to do is number the x's in his head and correspond that with the positions on the board then slight of hand picks up correct x to start from there on its all no choices as to where the x's go unless the choice is to lose on purpose

  5. Papers def forced . But I think there were multiple backs , he just had to put the right ones in the right spot, know what I mean ? Even if howei picked a different one he would have three of each row. So no mater where he picked he'd always make sure the pic was right . Plus when he chose he also made sure he was completing the pictures and words, even if he lost or one the pics would still be the same, make sense. That's my opinion

  6. Inside the box are 4 triangle compartments, probably just a couple inches deep each. Like an [X] inside a square. The box was held high so the judges couldn't reach all around the box, only down along the edge that was leaned towards them, forcing them to take a piece of paper from a specific area of the box. Every piece of paper in each of the 3 compartments for the judges all had the same word in the same color. The 4th compartment had a mixture from the audience, so he was technically telling the truth that the audience's random words were actually in the box, and he pulled out a bunch from them, last.

  7. ya your right never really show him picking the x s and o s ,but i have to mentioned ,im gonna get lots of hate but i dont care im piss off with this drama on AGT, its almost like they do it just for ratings its sickening

  8. Love rooting for Jon.He has such a tragic childhood THEN recently the heart surgery.Yet he has an amazing attitude.A guy you love to watch.A beautiful soul. ♥ Thank you btw for your channel <I've recently found you and really enjoy you coy view of some of the performers "secrets".Of course you don';t want to give away the really perplexing acts of "magic" What is the fun in that !

  9. IF you LOOK at the Writing on those little pieces of paper, that were "SUPPOSE" to be from the audience!! You can clearly SEE!! they are all of SIMILAR hand Writing! SO same PERSON wrote all those DOWN!!!

  10. I was just waiting for Simon to ask the audience “who wrote ‘courage?”

    Either nobody would’ve stood up, or he made sure to cover it with a plant.

    Every r looked like a v, so I think the words were written by an assistant.

  11. I figured out how this is done.
    (I won't explain the force – but that's easy)

    First watch this video:
    Predict EVERY Tic Tac Toe Move Before It's Made!

    Now watch this video:
    Saturn Magic -Tic Tac Toe Pro (Parlor) (Gimmick and online instructions) by Bond Lee – Trick

    Pay close attention to the reveal @ 0:58 of this video.

    Dorenbos got lucky with Howie's 1st choice
    otherwise he would have to remove the entire board & turn it.
    (the tiles attach to suction cups)
    Also Dorenbos would have to replace the center piece to align properly (right, left or upside down) after showing its' backside.

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