Magician REACTS to Jon Dorenbos in the FINALS of AGT The Champions 2019

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Magician reacts to Jon Dorenbos mentalist magician perform card tricks and mind reading on the FINALS of America’s Got Talent The Champions 2019. My reaction to this video is live, and I share my opinion as a magician watching these performances. 2 Magicians (including Shin Lim) in the finals of AGT; pretty cool! 🙂 Feel free to comment below… what did you think about Jon’s act??

The original video:

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  1. Simon selected a card from a deck that contained only the selected card multiple times in the upper part of the deck because he only show the last card to the camera. And the last part reveals 100% that they didn't had a free selection. But as you say, verry entertaining.

  2. 1. The order of the boards could have been any of the 24 permutations.
    2. Each of the 4 judges chose from a 25+ selection of historical video clips of them.
    3. The chalk boards are thin video screens each capable of displaying a chalkboard image.
    4. The magnet device that holds the picture in place is also a bluetooth transmitter/receiver microcomputer device which easily has 50 pictures and 50 videos corresponding to each judges 50 choices.
    5. All cards in Simon's deck were the 3 of clubs
    For the trick , the magician need only transmit a 2 digit number, or even just say the name of the choice of each judge into his microphone (which he in fact does) and the magnet device does a speech to text conversion and sends the selection of a jpg chalkboard image to its linked chalkboard video screen, and a link to the corresponding video to the other, linked live video screen.

    Example an electronic raspberry Pi has all the storage, video, and bluetooth to do all that.

  3. Jon Dorenbos is the worst magician and the Judges are trying to promote him in every possible way… everything is combinned between him and the judges… he is not worthy to go for the finals after being voted THIRD… why wasn't the SECOND had an opportunity…. This makes AGT finals a FAKE SHOW … JUDGES ARE FORCIMG WHOM THEY WANT… VOTING BECOMES WORTHLESS…

  4. This would be a REAL MAGIC TRICK if he let them all choose their stuff and then walked back up to the stage and turned around each of the four boards, then showed each video and THEN lastly had the judges REVEAL their picks.


  5. Agreed. Highly entertaining and upbeat, yet it doesn't have the same effect as Shin's carefully paced delivery with the mysterious and focus on "magic"per se.

    This is the trend I notice with a lot of recent FISM winners – they let the magic and delivery speak for themselves and do less talking or none at all. They are bringing back the old school mysticism visual style back to the forefront, instead of the gregarious "salesman" style of delivery. Nothing wrong with it – but I think more people like trying to figure out what's next, and then be surprised or mind blown – instead of being "sold" on magic.

    It gained Shin a close-up 2015 FISM award, fooled Penn and Teller twice, and of course the AGT 2018 win – along with MANY accusations of demonic involvement…🤧🤦🤦‍♂️
    You know your "magic" is strong when you're being accused of the stupornatural -lmao! Jon hasn't gotten that type of attention yet.

    Copperfield would be proud of this gens' "mystics"!

  6. Was wondering about the chalkboards, thanks for the explanation! Have to say though I'm not a big fan of Jon, he relies on his big voice to entertain rather than pure talent, maybe better suited to the talk circuit. Now Shin Lin….. Wow

  7. The big picture notebooks have pages that are slightly smaller than the pages we saw when he flipped through it. Those smaller pages are all the same with the same picture on it so no matter where they chose they'd pull out any of those pages. That's really the entire show right there. Same with the deck of cards. There was a whole bunch of the 3 of clubs in that deck. With the pics and card in place it was easy to write those items on the chalkboards before the show. The tearing of the corner of the card: it wasn't the same corner that came off that card. If you ever notice all the magicians that do this trick they tear it the exact same way, very slowly with all the fingers along a selected shape of the other piece. I bet it didn't match up exactly.

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