Magic Trading

pm me if you would like to trade, I am looking for the following: Monument by Dimitri Arleri
Peter Turner: Penguin Live Lecture, Freeform mentalism (vol 2)
Colin McLeod: Opening minds (vol 2-4)
Bob Cassidy: Mental Miracles
I Have:
Daniel Madison: Anthology (PDF), How to Cheat at Cards (PDF) Card Cheat Handbook Blood (PDF), Advocate, Cardistry, Chaos Theory, Gamblers Cop, Heritage, Invisible Card Punch, Mechanic, Motion, Mystique, Wreck, Angle Z, Card To Pocket
Justin Miller: Wrong Path, Vibration, Tandem, Sulfur, Card at any number, Quantum The cloak, Sick Control, Bold, Divorce, Aftershock,
Adam Wilbur: Earbuds, Worker (1-2)
Brad Christian: Crash Course (1-2), Ninja (1-2), Inside Magic, King Rising levitation, Revolution Coin Vanish, Bullet Coin
Laurant Mickelfield: Smiley
Joshua Messado: Messado Rings
Bulla Lepen: RPM Control
Adam Rose: Stomp
Rich Ferguson: This is Mentalism (1-2), Tagged
Daniel Garcia: Fraud, Five, Penguin Lecture
Patrick Kun: Center point, piercing through, inflict, mirror force, surge, vector
Wayne Houchin: Art of Magic (1-2), Single needle, stigmata, Thread
Brandon Wolf: Bison Bend, Wolf
Laura London: Card in Bottle
Ollie Mealing: Control
Tobias Dostal: Fourfly
Peter Mckinnon: Riot collection, Lock Stock & Riot
Chris Ramsay: Praxis Control
Calen Morelli: Dresscode (1-2), Function 9 (1-3) Scribble
Dan Sperry: Cookie Cutter
Jason England: Bottom Deal, Center Deal, Diagonal Palm Shift, Greek Deal, Macmillan Switch, Palming (1-2),Push Through Shuffle (1-2) Strike Second Deal, Herman Pass, Unreal Work (2)
Tom Isaacson: Prophet
Rich Sanders: Extreme Burn, Tagged
Dan&Dave: Trilogy
Ben Seidman: Alchemy, iVanish
Eric Ross: Crush, Election
Derren Brown: Devils Picturebook (1 and part of 2), Pure Effect (PDF) Absolute Magic (PDF), Trick of the Mind (PDF)
Lennart Green: Green Magic (1-7), Master File (1-4)
Ron Frost: Complete Mentalism (1-3)
Bizau Christian: Pop Fly
Richard Turner: The Cheat
Corrinda: 13 Steps of Mentalism (PDF)
S. W. Eardnase: Expert at the Card Table
Dee Christopher: How to get Away With Murder
Colin McLeod: Opening Minds (vol 1) Penguin Lecture
Peter Turner: Freeform Mentalism (vol 1)
Bob Cassidy: Penguin Lecture