Magic School #5 – Predict the ends of a Domino chain!

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In this episode, you predict the outcome of a a line of Domino’s.

Learn magic from master magician Stephen Ablett, as he teaches some simple, yet effective magic tricks that you can show your family and friends.




  1. There is another possible outcome where the last 2 pieces (the ends) match numbers, thus rendering your prediction wrong.  It does occur in about 5 % of the time.
    The problem with this effect (besides an alternate ending) is that it takes WAY TOO long.  A good counter-measure is an updated effect using ONLY 10 dominoes–U secretly select 1, so you really do it with JUST 9 dominoes in play.  Now the time for your reveal is REDUCED BY 75%. The best part is you can predict both outcomes, no matter how it ends up.

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