Magic Kissing Card Trick – TUTORIAL

This magic card trick has blown up on the internet, you can get a kiss out of it. Learn how to do it yourself!

As performed by Dynamo, also known as the French Kiss.


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  1. love your enthusiasm and love for magic, but it saddens me to see you sell yourself out to the idea of exposing Magic Secrets, Which lots of us magicians try and keep a secret and have for all these years. What you are doing is giving the laymen the secrets. The Magicians and aspiring ones will seek out and buy the books or secrets if they want to and that keeps it unrevealed to the general public. The internet has and continues to destroy the art of magic. :(. I would like to talk to you about it if you want to. message me on here with your email or number or something. I would like to hear why you do it and what you have to say about it.

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