Love and Abundance Affirmations, Sleep and Meditation, 341Hz

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Hope you enjoy the vibes of this track, created with intention to assist and support our alignment with love and the abundance our soul desires. This can be utilized for meditation, sleep, relaxation, or personal ritual.

The images are Rose Quartz and Danburite, chosen to work with this theme.

Affirmations will reduce in volume as track continues.

Set your intention

On behalf of my highest and great good
In perfect comfort and alignment
I allow these frequencies and affirmations to support my connection to love and abundance.

There are many manifestations of love in my life
My heart guides me through my passions and desires
I live a heart based life and am continuously supported by the universe
I am forever loved by the cosmic father and mother matter
Abundance flows to me through multiple streams
I easily manifest whatever I may need in my life
My relationships are fulfilling and harmonious
I easily connect with the frequency of love
I am able to give and receive love in perfect harmony and balance
My personal boundaries are easy to maintain and help me to communicate with the universe
I attract individuals to me on a soul level
My life is so full of love and abundance that I share it wherever I go
My success, healthy relationships, and personal fulfillment empowers others to step into that field for themselves
I am grateful for all I have and all that is coming to me
My days are filled with loving experiences

The INNATE is a project shared by Lune Innate, and Gre.vo, aka Udachi. Over the next few months we will be sharing many tools, similar to this offering, to be utilized in your sacred practice. We would be so honored to connect, hear constructive feedback, your requests, etc.

Lune INNATE is a teacher of Esoteric Healing Arts, who also creates ASMR healing sessions by proxy. Gre.vo is a creator of electronic music, and videographer. We’ve talked about doing this project together for years, and even has a few false starts, so to finally see it in motion is extremely exciting for us both.

Hope you enjoy XO.

If you enjoy this audio and would like to support the project, The Lune Innate Patreon offers a tier for free audio downloads of all tracks. While this is not exactly an extensive list at this time, The INNATE plans to create at least three a month to add to what is available.