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Learn Magic & Mentalism now: http://bit.ly/1ibOGMC Here’s one of the best Card Tricks for “regular” folks OR magicians. Finally, a KICK BUTT trick that does not require mastery of sleight of hand to pull off an impressive demonstration of coincidence. Typically, it would take years to pull of a trick this cool, but you will have this down in a few minutes! Rich Ferguson joins Brian Brushwood for another episode of Scam School. Please Share us, Rate us up and Like us for sharing these free tricks!!

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  1. at 1:40 (because I know people will ask), this type of advanced shuffle and instant set up right in front of people was left out because it is far out of the range of possibility of most and would just complicate the instruction. Just do the set up as explained in the lesson portion.

  2. I learned this trick 35 years ago from a library book on magic tricks. i did it to several people and they were incredulous.
    But i soon got bored with it and haven't done it since then.
    Only problem is that i can't remember how the hell to do it!
    But i know it only took me ten minutes to master it.

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