Learn Magic Tricks: Traveling Coin Magic (REVEALED)

Amazing impromptu magic trick you can do anywhere. Coin magic trick that doesn’t use any special props and will amaze your friends. make coins travel across a table in front of your spectators eyes.

Branson’s Male Entertainer of the Year.

As seen on Major Cruise Lines around the world.

Performing over 500 shows a year.



Christopher James, The Funny Hyper Magic Boy, now performs daily in Branson Missouri on The Showboat Branson Belle. Christopher recently appeared at The Magic Castle in Hollywood. He headlines for several major cruise lines during the winter.

Current show videos can be seen on facebook.com/funnyhypermagicboy or at funnyhypermagicboy.com

Join the fanclub today on Facebook! www.facebook.com/funnyhypermagicboy

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