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+++Law of Attraction and meditation -How To Apply Law of in Your Daily Life+++
Guided Meditation –
Welcome to this unique meditation for Abundance and Prosperity, this meditation will create a total shift in your consciousness filling it with abundance in very special way, the universe is ready to give you all that you want, it is only the fear and blockages which do not allow you to receive abundance and prosperity , this mediation will help you to dissolve all those blockages and open your mind to allow abundance to flow into your life. Abundance in every sense of your world. Just flow with the meditation and allow this to happen.

So this is very useful for all those who love meditation, guided meditation, healing, success, prosperity, want to know what is meditation and how to enjoy it. This video is created in deep state of meditation, for you to manifest meditation, to motivate you to create your destiny, and understand what is law of attraction and want to know manifestation tips.
All about The Law of Attraction and How to meditate?
1)The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the Universe, It is the most effective law that exist in deep inner space of all human beings, It is about exploring your inner self and exploring it to that extent where your dreams can become your own reality.(as explained in most law of attraction book)

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2)In reality Law of attraction gives you direct control over your life and it makes you more powerful and strong in a feeling that you better understands the truths of your life and handle them with more supporting universal powers. You can see a dream, think about something special, set a goal for your life but without learning and applying proper law of attraction on those thoughts you will certainly not manage to make them occur in your life and make these thoughts, dreams and ideas real.

3) To take advantage of law of attraction, you need to know the exact logic of law of attraction in the first place. You can do all those things which are really important in your life once you know the components and procedure of executing the law of attraction techniques then. (Check Wikipedia definition on law of attraction)

4) In other words, you can say that law of attraction is the ability to control physical aspects of life through your mind power. This is a super powerful tool given by universe in the hands of human being and if you learn How to apply it properly in your real life than it has the power to make all of your dreams and wishes come true, but this does not happen without accurately applying the law.

5) We can say that “Law of attraction is the art of synchronizing the inner creative energies of a person’s own mind and spirit and their alignment with the respective outer world or universe.

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6) Our thoughts are very powerful phenomena and it has been proved that around 60,000 thoughts a day originates from our mind and all of these thoughts reflects the life of that individual.

7)The car you have, the house you live including your relationship and friends you have, are all the outcomes of your thoughts and once you know this then, question comes that can we change our physical life by thinking in a more focused way and bringing those thoughts into existence? This is what law of attraction is all about.

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