Law Of Attraction Explained. 5 tips on how to manifest all you want. Live your best life. ……………. Live your happiest life.

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Change your life by manipulating the law of attraction. But before I get into the tips, I want to give you a rundown on the Law of Attraction itself. What is it and how does it work?
The law of attraction stands for what we attract and what we experience within our lives. It is a law governed by the universe as is the law of gravity. And like gravity, it is totally non-negotiable. You don’t get to decide whether you have attracted what you have attracted into your life or whether you have not, just as you cannot decide what will fall to the ground and what will float. The laws of the universe decide such things, we can merely learn how they work and bend them to our will.
To explain how the law of attraction works is quite simple. All of us are all vibrational beings made up of energy. In fact, everything in our entire universe is made up of energy, living or not. You are made up of this energy, I am made of this energy, as is a bird, the table you sit at, the food you eat, the trees outside and the car you drive. Also this energy is all around us. It’s in the air breathe, in the aura we emit, it’s in the words we speak, in the thoughts we think and the feelings we feel.
All that is around you, living or not consists of energy. The energy source of anything is contained within molecules and these molecules are made from atoms. The reason some energy molecules are visible, like your car, is because of the way in which these energy molecules vibrate. If you look at anything under a powerful microscope, you will discover that it is just a mass of energy, vibrating away to create form. And the form it creates depends on the vibration it emits.
Because what we are is energy and all that exists is energy, within your life, you will only attract to you the things that are vibrating at a matching energy frequency to your own. The way you attract all that is within your life, is via your energetic thoughts and feelings. Every thought you think and feeling you feel matters for your future. Thoughts and feelings attract, so don’t react, act purposefully.
Think about it this way, all of our lives are like a puzzle, the pieces only fit where they are meant to. You cannot put a puzzle piece from outside of your puzzle box, into your puzzle, as it just won’t fit! You can not own a car that does not match your vibrational puzzle, because it just won’t fit! Therefore the only way you can change what you attract, is to change the puzzle you play. And to change the puzzle you play, you must begin to change your thoughts and feelings towards the puzzle your playing now.
Thoughts attract things! So think GOOD thoughts about your life now, if you want to attract GOOD things into your life in the future.
Feelings attract things! So feel GOOD feelings about your life now, if you want to attract GOOD things into your life in the future.
Here are those 5 law of attraction tips to creating your best life and attracting all the future life experiences that you desire. From, Hidden Path —
1. To get yourself out of a negative mindset, think positively. For when you think a thought, positive or negative, a like thought will rush in to join it. So if you are in a negative frame of mind, you can begin to feel better by thinking one positive thought, even if it at first it feels forced. When you think this positive thought, you are changing your vibration and therefore you are changing your life attraction.
2. Visualise your goals falling into place. By beginning your day this way, you will already feel strong, powerful and ready to make an impact on your future. Throughout the day if you find yourself waiting in line, in the doctor’s surgery or in traffic, instead of feeling frustrated at this waisted time, use it constructively for visualizing and enjoy a day dream. Ensure you feel good when visualizing your dreams, remember your feelings are important!
3. Choose some affirmations to write, read and re-peat every day. Choose the topic you feel you wish to improve upon and create your own positive affirmations to repeat each day. Feel the power of your words. Know it is true for you. And believe in yourself!
4. Create a vision board, or if you are computer savvy, create a slide show on your computer. Look at it daily. You can involve this in your visualisation sessions if you wish. Obsess over your desires. And as you go about your day feel that you are already a part of this world and life you desire.
5. Be grateful! Be grateful for all that you have and all that you are. If you want for something more within your life, be grateful for what you have in your life “now” that represents that. Become a person with an attitude for gratitude.