Jon Dorenbos’ iPhone Trick and Magical Gender Reveal

Former NFL player-turned-magician Jon Dorenobs returned and made tWitch sweat with an impressive trick using his real cell phone. The star also announced he’s expecting his first child, and revealed the gender of his baby with a touching magic trick!




  1. this is racist they should not be saying that the gender is a girl and they shall let the baby choose its own path/gender. i am so dearly sorry ellen and the baby but i am afraid to say that i will have to unfollow this cooperation. i have loved watching your videos but i have had enough of these accusations and harmful actions.

  2. You had good videos but comments are disabled so I wrote here lol .
    It's good social thing you did for wrestler boy who had accident in past .. liked it.
    Yeah I know this guy & don't want to ruin your magic but I caught his tricks lot but man he is way faster and quick but if you focus then you find but hey it will ruin the magic trick entertainment… Hahahaa you were good though

  3. My favorite Eagles 🦅 player my heart is full congratulations Jon Dorenbos’ though thick ang even heavy times. Sending us that smile though our phones even though everything you have been though. Just one more reason to represents you and your family. Eagles 🦅🏈 magic hands

  4. Just letting you guys know that, he had an extra ball that was perfect in his left hand and he was holding it with his pinky and ring finger and when Ellen gave him her ball he switched them with his fingers

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