Is Hypnosis Fake? What Is Hypnosis? | Real Hypnosis Explained by a Hypnotist

Is hypnosis actually fake? What is hypnosis REALLY? In this video I break down the difference between fake and real hypnotism and explain what is really going on when I hypnotize somebody into a totally different reality.

One of the most common comments I get on my hypnosis videos here on YouTube is people telling me that hypnosis is fake and that I must be using actors so I wanted to set the record straight. Nothing I do is set up and I never use any actors or stooges when I perform. Everything you see is really happening in real time and are people’s genuine reactions to being hypnotized.

Our minds are much more powerful than we realize and hypnosis helps us tap into that potential in a very real way. Just as easily as you can be hypnotized to have a fun and silly experience under hypnosis you can also use that same mindset shift to completely transform your life forever in an instant.

If you are interested in using hypnosis to change your life and become more confident, eliminate stress, get rid of depression, anxiety, or fear forever send me an email at [email protected] and I will help you do that. 🙂