IMPOSSIBLE Double Prediction Card Trick Performance And Tutorial!


Hey guys! Today is a requested card trick video! It is an absolutely genius mathematical effect created by the one and only Alex Elmsley, and it is one of my favorite card tricks EVER to perform. It gets amazing reactions, seriously. Hopefully you’ll make it to the end of the video lol, this trick is definitely worth it. Don’t forget to like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE!! (RoadTo100k)

Here are some of the basic things from the trick you should remember, but just in case you forget:

– Order of the six cards goes (top to bottom): QD, 4D, 8S, KH, 2S, 6C. And then pick any card to memorize (I chose 10H) and put it in the 16th position from the top. The rest of the deck doesn’t matter!

– Letters:
Six Of Clubs: 10 letters
Two Of Spades: 11 letters
King Of Hearts: 12 letters
Eight Of Spades: 13 letters
Four Of Diamonds: 14 letters
Queen Of Diamonds: 15 letters

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