Illusionist Dan White Freaks Jimmy Out with a Telepathy Card Trick

Dan White performs a magic trick with Jimmy involving a Cards Against Humanity deck, a chalkboard and a secret envelope given to a random audience member.

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Illusionist Dan White Freaks Jimmy Out with a Telepathy Card Trick



  1. Each card has electronic mechanism.I mean jimmy wrote the word on the card and the print copy has been sent to the board through a sensor.The board can automatically write and art anything by coping things through an automatic sensor.And a same copy goes to the man in the audience through a sensor.So the mechanism is in the card.

  2. I challenged myself to watch jimmy fallon for 24 hours and i had a dream about me in the show and they were saying things and blah blah blah so i tried to go to my seat my seat was in the front then people started screaming when jimmy was doing blah blah blah and i took a picture with jimmy and all the videos i watched with jimmy in it just appeared out of knowwhere or i could just teleport there to the place where jimmy was in the video and when i was there i got very very lucky everytime cause i naver miss a hug or high five or selfie from them never missed even just one
    Then i woke up today (but true story though)
    And i realized my name kind of sounds or is the name of jimmy cause my name is j…a…m…e…e but my friends call me jat

  3. I just know that the type of writing on the board is the same of the one in the card. And we didn’t see how Jimmy wrote in his card, but is totally possible that since the beginning, there was a card inside the red envelope with his signature and the word “spicy”.

  4. i think i figured it out,
    1) In the beginning as Dan is walking down the stage, he drops a card And the man who he gives the envelope to is clearly apart of the act. I think that backstage jimmy had the same card and wrote it the same way as he did on the show then he gave it to Dan so he could drop it to the guy in the audience. time: 0:11
    2) once jimmy picked did the stuff with the card, Dan used slight of hand to get the card to the bottom of the pile and when he reached for the container that holds the cards, he put the card in his pocket. time: 2:15 and 2:21
    3) When jimmy told Dan what he wrote on the card he used an hidden tablet and with his fingers wrote out spicy just like how jimmy did it and it was transfers on to the chalkboard. the chalkboard is a Lynx chalkboard device. time: 3:54
    4) after showing jimmy the chalkboard and erasing a bit of it, he pulls a clear rubber ban off his arm and that explains what jimmy felt.
    time: 4:36
    5)When Dan dropped the card in the beginning, the guy in the audience picked it up and put it in the envelope and that is how the "same" card as jimmy wrote on was in the envelope
    I think that is how it works.

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