I Taught him his FIRST Magic Trick!!

Today I’m going to attempt to teach Lee his first ever card trick and cut.

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  1. I was checking out your store recently and notice everything is out of stock and when I say everything I mean your playing cards that I want so badly!!!! You should do a restock soon because one of my friends has your playing cards and they are amazing and I would love to own them! So please Mr. Ramsey do a restock!!!

  2. DUDe, the roof of that car, gave me an awesoem idea.. why not make that roof be able to turn transparent, or into a screen, In the day you coudl use google maps to track where the stars are above you and show them on ytour room screen, and at night you could have a sunshine and clouds above you as your drive ;-D Copy Right 😀 I think tis is an original idea, so Ill use this as my first proof of concept 😀

  3. Chris, I think it would be cool to hear your thoughts on this rediculous video I found. It's a bit long but It could contain some interesting or funny content for a video. I just don't understand how, in the age of the internet and instantaneous information, people can actually believe magic is given to people by demons…

    It's called: "Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists – Demonic Activity Caught On Video (New Edition)

  4. Wow, great video! I've seen people do this center double before, but I am amazed at how quickly after watching your tutorial I was able to learn it! BIG thanks! Can't believe I've waited so long to add this move to my repertoire.

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