I AM Daily Affirmations, law of attraction manifestation, For positive Abundance, love and success

I AM Affirmations to strengthen your mind in improving your life, using loa or law of attraction to manifest your wants and desires. You can listen to these affirmations at any time as long as you are safe.
Positive thinking goes a long way in your motivation and key skills in attaining the improvements in your life, hearing affirming words over and over can help motivate you more into gaining abundance in every area of your life.
The secret is retraining the mind to I AM, rather than I could.
By using these affirmations on a regular basis and 21 days is recommended, you will start to see changes for the positive.
you will begin to think differently, away from any such negative way of thinking, closer to the life you would like to lead.
By hearing something regularly you become the I AM that you want to be.
Consulting with your higher self will become easier, even sleeping at night will be less stressful as you accomplish more in a focused and successful way.
your conscious will be clear as you begin to change the path of your life.
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