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With his unique and unusual style of hypnotic performance, Doc performs his Hilarious Comedy Stage Hypnotist Show throughout the UK, Spain, Greece & USA for Private Party functions, Corporate events, Police and Military Balls with the Holiday Resorts and he spends some time on Cruise Ships thrown in for good measure.

While Based in Bristol just off the M32 (The Motorway, not the Grenade launcher) his Stage Hypnosis takes the eXperiMental Show up and down the United Kingdom to perform in exotic locations such as London, Swindon, Reading, Bournemouth, Poole, Exeter, Weston Super Mare, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Telford, Gloucester, Chippenham and as far away as Blackpool.

Although this professional stage Hypnotism show is suitable for all ages and very popular, Doc prefers to Perform for Adults over the age of 18, as Chris Doc Strange enables the Hypnotized Volunteers and the Audience to Experience the Power of the Mind and a Safe and Fun Enviroment. Teaching the Hypnotized Volunteers and the Audience how Self Hypnosis is achieved and how it can benefit both Mind and body, while being Really Very Funny.

Volunteers are Always treated with respect and Never Asked or Told to Do Anything that can be considered Unethical, Immoral or Dangerous. Should a Volunteer no longer wish to take part in the Show, they can Stop and Leave At Any time. It’s in Doc’s Interest to make sure that the “Instructions and Suggestions” Given are Suitable enough that they stay and Enjoy the Experience.

When Booking, At the Minimum, All Doc needs for the perfect Comedy Stage Hypnotist Show where he will Hypnotize your friends and collegues is a small space big enough for 8 chairs. Though the More the Better.

He can also Quite Happily Hypnotize groups of people on Full size Stages in Large Theatres and Conference Centres.

This very popular and Hypnotizing Speciality Act can be 30 minutes to 90 minutes at your request and all that is needed is the ability to plug in a Wireless Microphone.

No Music is Needed – No PA is Needed – No Props are Needed – No Stage is Needed.

Doc can and will perform a wonderful show for as little as 30 people to a thousand times that number. (if there are going to be that many, forget whatI said about not needing stage, mic or PA!!).

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