Hypnosis relieves Depression, Anxiety, Low Self Confidence, Emotional Healing, even PTSD!.

Hypnosis relieves Depression, Anxiety, Low Self Confidence, Emotional Healing, even PTSD!.
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You’re probably watching this video because either
·you have exhausted all mainstream medical remedies for a condition,
·you need a boost of self-confidence
·or you’re just plain curious.
Whatever the reason, you’re in the right place.
·I’m Kevin Martin and I run Positive Effects Hypnosis in Methuen just outside Boston.
As a trained & certified hypnotist, I and my colleages help people with a variety of problems such as

Creating a big BOOST in your confidence for any situation would help your relationships, career, and your self-esteem. I can do this for you.
 Is Chronic Pain an issue for you? If your medications are no longer working and your doctors can’t do anything else, I can probably help because I have trained in hypnotic pain management which which you’ll find is surprisingly effective.I am so confident in my techniques that I actually train you to manage your own pain and have had successful pain reduction in my subjects from 50 to 100%.

Severe, unwarranted emotions can be a major setback for many people.I help get rid of the source of these emotions that are working against you from within.I can remove negative emotions that may be bothering you,
or even sabotaging your success. I do this with a technique called Mental Emotional Release.
You’ll probably be surprised to know that hypnosis can also cure Chronic illness?That’s right. We work with people who have physical and/or physiological problems as well.  If you have chronic illness’s that doctors cannot find an explanation for, perhaps they are rooted in your subconscious mind.  We have had great success in helping clients get over Chronic Illness.
Some of my most gratifying work is when someone comes to me with an ailment that they have been suffering with for years, like PTSD.
To see them walk out of the office with their life changed for the better is the reason I am a hypnotist.
I know you probably have many more questions so please watch the other informational videos just below this one.
I’m Kevin Martin and I look forward to helping you move forward…fast!
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