Hypnosis Inductions – Rapid Induction Rituals – Available from Hypnosis Without Trance

RAPID INDUCTION RITUALS is now available right here: http://www.hypnosiswithouttrance.com/home-study/rapid-induction-rituals/ 😀

Master the art of Rapid ‘Induction’ with this in depth video set, demonstrating and exploring all the essential elements, from the inside out.

Whether you are a hypnotherapist, stage hypnotist or street hypnotist, the rapid induction is an essential process to master. Even if you never intend to use them (maybe you prefer progressive inductions, or no induction!) they are incredible skills builders that help you master timing, flow, building responsiveness, precision in suggestion and direction etc.

And if you do intent to use them a rapid induction (or instant induction, if you like) carries an impact like no other!

P.S. If you are wondering how Rapid ‘Induction Rituals’ fits with Hypnosis Without Trance, check out this video: http://youtu.be/YuXw3OgkJHs