Hypnosis for Weight Loss, POWERFUL Audio by Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Simply sit or lie on your bed comfortably while listening to this session.

It’s ok to fall asleep halfway because it’s proven that your subconscious mind are still working while you’re sleeping.

Do not play this session while driving or operating dangerous machines.

Created by clinical hypnotherapist Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D., this 45 minutes “Self-Belief Redesign Session” aims to build up your confidence.

The moment you achieve your self-belief and positive thinking, your weight loss goals are aligned with your goals in life.

It makes you easier to follow your fitness regimes to be aware of the potential you can achieve.

1) How it works?
Weight loss hypnosis program works by retraining your subconscious mind. For instance, reprogram the mental, eliminate poor habits, taking over them with good and new habits that will assist you with your weight loss goals in a powerful and long-lasting way.

2) What if I’m too intelligent to get hypnotized?
It’s a good news. Intelligence has a correlation to suggestibility so being intelligent actually make you easier to be hypnotized.

3) Can I use weight loss hypnotherapy audio program while using other weight loss programs?
In most cases yes because there is no conflict. You can use the program by itself or utilize it to complement your existing plan.

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“Self-Belief Redesign” is one of the 5 audio sessions from https://weightnosis.com. Visit the website to download the complete weight loss hypnotherapy audio program.