Hypnosis for Deep Confidence, Success, Positive Thinking (Anxiety, Insomnia, Healing, Female Voice)

Enjoy this Powerful Hypnosis while you sleep. While listening to this recording, allow the words to wash away any negative programing and bathe you in feelings of deep confidence, self love, patience, personal empowerment, healing, happiness and joy with peaceful sleep to follow due to the theta wave binaural beats.

✨ HYPNOSIS ✨ is a process that creates a non-ordinary, heightened state of consciousness. Hypnotic consciousness bridges the waking state and the dream state. It creates a two way energy channel between the conscious and subconscious levels of our being as our brainwaves go into alpha and or theta state, allowing us to respond to suggestions in a higher than normal receptive state. In hypnotherapy we can learn to access and utilize expanded states of consciousness for a variety of personal goals and purposes as well as to release blocked energy.

With any new skill that you are learning, each time you practice your experiences will build on itself bringing about more awareness, understanding, confidence and insights.

My intentions in creating this work are to support all who wish to step into their power and discover what they, at a very deep level, already know: That they have been carrying the seeds of knowledge all along to bring about their own healing and we are merely lights for each other, remembering and reminding one another of our light within. ?

Peace and Kindest Regards ?

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Music written and performed by Jack Walsh ©2019
Photo Credit: Cathal Mac an Bheatha

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