Hypnosis for Anxiety and Stress

More than 35 minutes of tailored hypnotherapy for anxiety and stress, designed to help you overcome these commonly experienced barriers to a happy, relaxed and enjoyable life.

This video is designed for people with previous experience of hypnosis, but is also ideal for anyone new to hypnotherapy who wishes to experience the benefits of hypnosis before consulting a therapist.

Hypnotherapy is a tool which can support you when you are motivated to achievement your goals. To receive the full benefit of this video, I recommend that you make sure you set aside three quarters of an hour when you won’t get disturbed or need to break away from viewing. This session is not designed or intended as an alternative to any treatment plan you may have in place under your medical practitioner.

This video is designed for general use only and as such cannot be as effective as one on one therapy. For tailored therapy you can contact me via my website: www.alisonfernandes.co.uk