"How'd You Do That" – Card Trick Revealed

Best Card Tricks Revealed at http://www.thecardtrickteacher.com Amazing easy card trick revealed in this tutorial. Although this card trick requires a gimmick it is simple and it will amaze your best friends



  1. instead of doing all this complicated stuff just use any force to give the spectator a king of heart, with a red back. let the spectator hold the card and let the spectator put the card back in the deck. 
    put a blue double of the king at the bottom of the deck prior to the trick and control it at the bottom during some shuffles. finally do a cut to get it at the middle and tadaaaa.

  2. Dear Mismag 822 the card trick teacher, I wanna ask you about my problems facing to this trick.. I am using the Black Tiger Bicycle Playing Cards.. And I don't have any other cards that has the opposite colour of the back.. You know I can't use a normal blue back for this effect.. Is there anything I can make to do this card trick.. And thank you for your response..
    Yours Faithfully
    Hamizan Hensom

  3. Cool trick. Thanks for posting this. One question though. About 20 years ago, a friend of mine used to do a neat trick where he would take all four Ace's and four random cards, then he would have someone lay one random card face down followed by an Ace followed by another random card followed by another Ace etc.. until all 8 cards were in a neat pile face down with every other card being an Ace. Afterwards, he would grab the cards and tap the top card making all four aces come to the top. Unfortunately he passed away before teaching me the trick, Can you do that trick? If so, can you please post a "How To" video? I've seen some variations of it but they were never even close to the exact version he did.

  4. Nah, what do you mean that you don't like this trick? Here's what I think. I think that's a nice trick. See the way I figure it is this. I seen this tutorial some time ago, a number of times. I had forgot about it. Then I decided to watch some of your uploads and came across the trick again. I had forgot how it was done.  Long story short. It fooled me. I thought that you had two force cards. One BLUE and one RED back.   Now for my explanation of the disposure of the DOUBLE BACK.   I'll control the DOUBLE BACK to the top of the deck. Turn to a spectator. "You don't look to busy. Would you help me out, please?" Fan the cards.  Then have a selection made and signed. "It doesn't matter if I see the card." I say. "It's not that kind of a trick." While the card is being signed, I get a pinkie break under the DOUBLE BACK.   When the signed card is returned to me. I place it face up on top of the face down deck. The DOUBLE BACK card is now underneath the face up signed card of a face down deck, (both the signed card and DOUBLE BACK CARD is now in a pinkie break.)   hen I'll use sort of a speech that Daryl uses in his ambitious card routine.   "Normally when I do this trick. I'll place your card somewhere in the middle of the deck.   But people accuse me of sleight of hand. So, I'll sleight of hand proof the deck, by keeping your card as far away from the deck as possible. I'll place it in my pocket."  At this point I'll do a double turn over and place the DOUBLE BACK in my pocket.   (The audience thinks that it is the signed card.)  Now I'm clean.  "But, even with that." I say. "The card is always in my control. Because when I give a little snap." (I snap my fingers.) "Your card returns back to the top of the deck." I turn over the top face down card in the deck and reveal their signed card.  Then for the finale, I go into, SANDWICHED JOKERS.  Causing the selected sign card to jump in between the two jokers!  (By this time. No one is thinking about me having placed a card into my pocket.)

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