How to shuffle cards for beginners // Riffle Shuffle with Bridge in the hands tutorial

Even if you already know how to shuffle, you might improve your technique with this video. In this tutorial I teach how to shuffle cards for beginners… specifically we are learning the riffle shuffle with bridge in the hands. This means you will be able to shuffle without using the table. In the hands riffle shuffle for the win! Additionally, I provide some troubleshooting tips at the end to help you shuffle cards like a pro!

The riffle shuffle is great for poker and/or magic tricks. If you’ve never mastered this flourish, it’s time to do it now and be able to enjoy this new skill for the rest of your life.

Here is my TUTORIALS PLAYLIST if you want to learn something else…..

I also teach the Faro Shuffle in there, which is a very useful skill.

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Only a few close-up shots of the cards were filmed using the iPhone XS.

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Aaaaand… the name of this deck is the Madison Confessions deck. From the Confessions series. I made a review of these decks, which you can find right here: