HOW TO READ MINDS// 3 Easy Magic Tricks You Can do Without Any Props

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In this video, Josh Burch addresses some concerns you may have with propless mentalism and recommends 3 effects that would be a great addition to the repertoire of any mentalist.

Here are 3 tried and tested propless pieces of mentalism, that are easy to do and appropriate for the beginner in magic. Perhaps on a future date, I will talk about more difficult contributions appropriate for the working professional:

Sunrise by Patrick Redford

Tequila Hustler by Mark Elsdon

ID7 by Rick Lax

“There we have it, three pieces of propless mentalism appropriate for the beginner in magic. These three pieces of mentalism could easily be combined to make a very impressive set at a party or casually with friends. They could also be combined to be performed as a professional table hopping routine. Their impromptu nature means that they are incredibly valuable for hobbyists and professionals in a bind.”