HOW TO OBSERVE like Sherlock Holmes – 5 Hyper Observant Techniques

You will learn how to observe and think like Sherlock Holmes using 5 observation techniques used by the character in the movies and books. So many people spend their days wondering what others think of them, if they will mess up in a conversation, or how they look. If you’re actually trying to increase your observation skills, spend your energy and focus on others, not just yourself. To become a better observer, you must put away distractions. How can you notice subtle changes in body language or the size of someone’s pupils if your phone has all your attention? Just take and turn on one of those foreign films, but don’t watch it for the storyline. Instead, pay super close attention to the body language of the characters. Sherlock Holmes is great at deciphering other languages using just body language and tone of voice. This video is for both Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes characters, as they are pretty amazing and have great observing techniques and tips.

Sherringford Holmes:
The Art of Deduction:

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