How To Meditate: A Complete Guide For Beginners (5-min)

In this video, I’m going to show your how to meditate simply and effectively in just three steps. Let’s get started! Meditation, Are you doing it right? This is a complete guide for all level including beginners on how to meditate or do meditation.

When we come to meditate, STEP 1 is that we need to make sure we have a nice and tall spine. For many of us, this is very challenging. We’re not used to thinking about our posture as we move through our day to day.. and sitting up tall is actually really hard work. Many of us just naturally sit back on our sitting bones what’s called a posterior pelvic tilt but when we meditate we want a slight anterior pelviv tilt so the curve of the low back can remain neutral. We also want to make sure that our hips are higher than our knees so we don’t restrict blood flow to the feet and lower legs.. no one likes that pins and needles feeling of the legs and feet falling asleep. This is where a meditation cushion makes all the difference. Sit up on the cushion so your hips are higher than your knees. Check that you’re sitting on the front edge of the cushion, allowing your low back to have that natural gentle curve. Lastly, stack the shoulders over the hips, crown of the head directly above the tailbone.

The next one, STEP 2 in meditation is to try to draw your senses inward easy ways to do this is to close your eyes, dim the lights practice a breathing technique like alternate nostril breathing nadi shodhana or sitali pranayama keeping the eyes closed doing some breath work signals to the body and the nervous system transitioning from a state of outward focus to inward focus.

Lastly, STEP 3 for meditation is to sit, watch the breath and attempt to clear your mind. I say attempt because it’s very common that you won’t be able to stop your thoughts. What you can do is continually bring your attention back to the breath noticing the physical sensations of the breath in the body really allowing your attention to rest with the senses instead of the thoughts in your mind. This isn’t easy and takes tons of practice that’s why there’s thousand of different meditation schools and philosophies, different types of meditation, different ways to practice quietting the mind will resonate with different people at different times in their lives. So it’s great to experiment and try a lot of styles. Some of my favorite techniques that help me sit in silence or to bring my attention continually back to my breath think of my thoughts as clouds passing in the sky, Labeling my thoughts like love, worry, fear, anxiety, to-do really me realize that my thoughts aren’t me and helps me then bring my attention back to the breath and the present moment.

Whatever style of meditation you choose to practice, I hope this how to meditate video helps you get started.

STEP 1 – Finding a proper meditation seat with the tall spine

STEP 2 – Draw your attention inward

STEP 3 – Try to clear your mind by focusing in your breath


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