How to Learn Mentalism Tricks – How to learn amazing magic tricks and mentalism fast

The course: (take it while it’s still online!)
Hey, it’s Ben with some more mentalism!
What I love most about mentalism tricks and magic tricks is making friends go WOW.
Of course they know it’s a trick, but it’s still fascinating. It brightens their day. And I love that.
If you are just starting out, the world of magic can be overwhelming – SO many trick, you know?
I would say, to become a mentalist, you need to learn two things: magic tricks and performing.
There’s lots of magic tricks, mentalism tricks, thought reading and so much more on YouTube. You can just jump from video to video and find some cool tricks to learn.
But if you REALLY want to impress your friends, or strangers of course, you will need to learn a bit about performing. A great book is 13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda, it’s often called the “Bible” of Mentalism.
However, especially as a beginner, I wanted to have a complete course that leads to through it. Like a mentor. But mentors are really hard to find, especially good ones.
While searching for a good course, I found a few, but only one was actually good.
What I like most about it is not the tricks, but the training. How to master these tricks a lot faster. How to actually impress people, even with a lame trick. How to become a pro.
For me, this is invaluable. And I’m sure that it will help you a lot too, no matter how new you are to mentalism.
I’ve put the link in the description. From what I’ve seen, it’s not going to be available for much longer though. So I would act fast if you haven’t tried it yet.
Again, the course: