How to fall asleep in 15 min: A simple guided sleep meditation

Train yourself in how to fall asleep fast with this simple guided meditation.

This practical meditation will guide you to focus on your breathing and release the tension in your body to prepare you for sleep. 15 minutes is all you need to take you to a state of pure relaxation for a deep, calm and peaceful sleep.

Play this high quality video with professionally recorded audio on any computer, tablet or phone with speakers or headphones then lie back and relax.

Suitable for anyone, including:
– those who suffer from insomnia
– parents of young children
– anyone who suffers from anxiety or general stress
– people with busy schedules
– or simply anyone looking to get a night of quality sleep

No experience in meditation or relaxation routines is required. The soft voice of the male narrator guide you through everything you need and teach you to control your breathing to relieve your stress for a deep state of relaxation. The gentle music will then continue as you flow into sleep.

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Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.