How To Do Derren Brown Mentalism Trick – Magic Tricks Revealed

Learn How To Do Derren Brown style Mentalism Tricks Below PRESENTS this amazing magic trick.

Lee Petruccis latest trick is just amazing. This is the first mentalism effect on I watched the video and I knew the trick but I have never known how it was done. I was so pleased to see such a great trick on the site.

This trick needs a gimmick, which you can make at home and the cost will be minimal, may be $1 to $2. Lee explains in detail how to make the gimmick and covers how to perform the trick, even down to all the words you should use.

The secret is also amazing. Just watch the video over and over again. You will not see how it is done. It is so clean and safe to perform. I am going to make the prediction now that this will one of the top sellers for many months to come. Download this trick right now and impress your friend right away or months to come!

This trick is suitable for all levels.

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