How To Become A Professional Magician

Harry Potter? David Blaine? Copperfield? Graham Martin, The recruitment Guy, interviews Steve, a professional magician for over 20 years….enjoy!



  1. Hi Ritchie…where are you based? I'd love to interview YOU? I think that marketing is the # ONE challenge…Face Book, LinkedIn, Mums Net, You Tube Channel, free sessions at schools, appear free at town fairs, get an email list & use Mail Chimp, join BNI or similar, posters up at church halls, work shops at Scouts/Guides, SEO for your web, local PPC, posters at Libraries …tell me what works right now

  2. That would be fun. I'm tied up on a course in September but would like to in October. I'm based in Croydon but am often in central London. My contact details are on my website – google Rubber Ritchie – flex in the city

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