How to apply | use the 7 Hermetic Principles

How to apply | use the seven (7) Hermetic Principles

Hello my dear friend, in this video I want to share with you in a really simple manner the way to use the Hermetic Principles in your own life.

The Principles are:
1. The Principle of Mentalism.
2. The Principle of Correspondence.
3. The Principle of Vibration.
4. The Principle of Polarity.
5. The Principle of Rhythm.
6. The Principle of Cause and Effect.
7. The Principle of Gender.

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  3. I enjoy visualizing all that our minds can create in the mental space and transmute into this constantly evolving physical state of constant vibration. just imagine the reality we could create. no matter how uncomfortable and frustrated you could be perceiving your current reality. the ability to change your circumstances ALWAYS EXISTS. Never forget that my beautiful counterparts! what may feel terrible today will blossom elation tomorrow

  4. Love your examples and voice . There's a calm and soothing effect in how you explain these very complex principles that flows naturally and it's easier to accept and understand. Thanks so much for this great experience.

  5. Namaste, Nicole. I see the imagery with ideation of which you speak this way- the things destined for our lives, the souls we meet are already lined up. We just need to adjust the channel, attune our radio sets (minds and hearts) to receive them. We can choose based on this.
    God creates, and as you know, magical Heads and many guides and helpers on the sacred way open the doors. We receive that grace all the time without appreciating it. Make it our focus to be grateful, and we will have the red carpet rolled out before us in a continually magical arriving.
    Resonance (after adjusting to a point of stillness in the tension) is our inner key to faster manifestations for our highest good.

    Just open our arms, our hearts, our minds, our love and we always receive. God provides our needs at every second. As we learned from Franz Bardon, some magical heads can render assistance when a magician is in need in tenths of seconds.
    Thanks for your beautiful analogies. You are a great teacher uplifting and guiding, Nicole. Brava!

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