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Welcome to my channel: Mira’s Hypnosis.
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Personal Hypnotherapy Sessions at the comfort of your own home to help you let go of limiting habits and behaviors, achieve your goals and live your best life now.

Hypnotherapist, NLP and CBT Expert, Inspirational Speaker and Personal Mentor. Helping you let go of limiting habits and behaviors and accomplish your ultimate goals and desires.

There are more than 146 ways in which hypnotherapy can help you to transform and get results FAST. /look here: http://tiny.cc/c0pily/

I am a positive change catalyst.
My passion is to assist people to change, develop their full potential and live their dream life.
I do this through personal online hypnotherapy sessions, coaching, public speaking and training internationally.

I am a graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in California and certified as a Life Coach by The Secret To Life Coaching Company, in Colorado, USA.
I have an international working experience and multilingual cultural awareness which allow me to easily tune into my client’s background, their national characteristics, norms and morals.

My solution based and result oriented approach is harmoniously complemented by my excellent listening skills, respect of individuality and strict confidentiality.

I have a substantial, USA based, educational background in human nature knowledge and dealing with the subconscious mind, which gives me the ability to understand people easily and to see exactly what they need to reach their goals.

One of my most powerful professional tools is modern hypnotherapy, which allows for shortcut intervention on a deep level to break through ineffective behaviors, mental paradigms and to assure massive turnarounds.
And I have an in – born talent for inspiring others.