Hands Free Mentalism Card Trick Tutorial

Effect Description Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I71uQsTWgss

Secret thought of card (can truly, potentially, be any thought of number-card except tens and picture cards – though it should seem to the spectator that they merely thought of any playing card) at any number between 10 and 40 (Again, can truly, potentially, be any number 10 through 40) – deck never touched by the performer – everything examinable.

DETAILS OUTLINING THE EFFECT , including random looking stack…

Deck Stack: (Top Face Down Deck) – 10C KD JH 4S Joker QS 10D QD 9C KH 7H QC 5C QH 3C 6D AH 9H 9D 7C 2S 5H 4D 3H 6S AC 9S 8S 7D 2H 5S 4C 3S 6H AD 8H 8D 7S 2C 5D 4H JC 6C JD 8C JS 2D Joker KS 10H AS 10S KC 3D (Bottom Face Down Deck)


1. Always count up from random total between 10 and 40 to next multiple of nine to decipher random value thought of.

2. Force the suit based on one of four potential multiples of nine (counted up to, in deciphering the secret value – eg total 16 means deciphered value is 2, because we counted up to the next multple of nine: 18 – we then use this same multiple of nine we just used to decipher our value 2 in this case to also decipher the suit we are going to force – 18 = clubs).

The four multiples of nine (key numbers) and assigned suits to force (CHASED order):

18 – Clubs 27- Hearts 36 – Spades 45 – Diamonds

3. Deal/reveal the selected EVEN card values counting from FACE UP deck.
Deal/reveal the selected ODD card values counting from FACE DOWN deck.


The potentially two selected cards … 8S (28th position), needs to be dealt from the opposite side of the deck (‘Odd’ face down side, instead of the typical ‘even’ face up side). The same goes for the 9D (36th position) – deal opposite, even, face up side.

Lastly, change assigned suits (to force) to the respective opposite suits (as explained in the video) for the three (straight-lined) values: 1, 4 and 7.

Credits: Singingbanana (calculator principle used in this effect) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0LyhOWzNC0