Guided Meditation for Sleep – Body Scan

Meditation can be incredibly useful at bedtime. This is a guided meditation for sleep led by Elizabeth, and we use this practice regularly to help ourselves fall asleep! Learn more about our meditation programs, including 10 Days to Better Sleep at

This video is a practice you can use at night to help yourself fall asleep. This guided body scan meditation can be used at nighttime to help you relax, in the afternoon to return to the body, or as you’re falling asleep to help you drift off with ease.

We will work through the body, investigating the experience and relaxing each part as we move through. The body scan is an accessible practice, as we can meditate in this way almost any time. It also is a great meditation for sleep, as it can be grounding and calming!

This meditation from Elizabeth is part of her series on guided meditations for sleep. Check out the post at for written instructions and bit on how she came about discovering these practices.

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