Grandma's Bra – A 'G' Rated Party Trick

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Now I know a few of you are going to offended by this. I’ve never had one person do anything but want to learn it when you do it for them in real life. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, there’s so much else for you here 🙂

Grandma’s Bra is a bit of fun that you can do at a party or when out to dinner. You need a square piece of cloth like a dinner napkin. It’s only a matter of doing some simple napkin folding and telling a short story at the same time and volia! you will get a good belly laugh from people.

This is suitable for family groups, in fact, it is perfect for family groups. Everyone gets a giggle from it.

Just in case you are thinking about doing this for an all kids audience: STOP! It is NOT suitable at all.

Take not of the way the punchline is delivered. It is important to cut yourself off when saying the last sentence. Watch how I do it in the video.

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