Free Magic Tricks: Simple Gambling Routine Tutorial

FREE MAGIC TRICKS – Master Magician Darin Martineau teaches a simple gambling card routine- Effect: a 4 aces revelation with a poker deal of the aces!
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Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Darin Martineau Pro Magic Art.
Darin Martineau is a Master Magician with over 35 years experience.
Learn Amazing magic tricks and mentalism and more!
Darin is an International Best-Selling Magic Author,
creator, mentor and teacher of fine art magic.
Darin’s original Magic has been performed by
many World Class Master Magicians –
Allan Ackerman, Shin Lim – FISM World Champion, Lee Asher, Dan & Dave Buck,
Dan Harlan, Joe Rindfleisch, Apollo Robbins, Chappy Brazil,
and many more …
He has authored over 70+ New Magic books and his Original Magic is also published in:
The Penumbra magic magazine, Trap Door magic magazine, and much more…
He also has contributed in many world famous magicians dvds,
also worked on several published effects both in print and dvd
with his mentor Allan Ackerman.
Darin uploads new Magic tutorial videos every week.
Learn the secrets to card tricks, coin tricks, impromptu magic, mentalism and more.
Darin also reveals the secrets to his favorite magic effects and also many easy to do magic tricks for beginner, intermediate and advanced level
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Get Over 70 New Magic books!

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