Fool Us Revealed Hans Petter Secker Tarot Trick | Penn and Teller Exposed | Season 6 – 2019

Here’s the original performance here:

Revealed and Tutorial for the great Hans Petter Secker Tarot Card Trick performed on Season 6 Episode 7 of Penn & Teller Fool Us.

£ Cards chosen and revealed to match Hans Predictions. The trick is a common one used by magicians, however, Hans added an extra “kicker” by having 3 cards selected.

Penn and Teller correctly guess how it was done, you can learn the full routine secret here.

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  1. Great tutorial, however I don't believe he used the second deal as he only gave Penn and Teller the option to say when to stop. At the opening of the trick, he merely dealt a number of cards and then placed Alyson's photo on top.

    This trick would probably work better as per your tutorial if performed from a slight distance so participants were unable to see the second deal.

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