Finally Revealing How Master Mentalist Lior Suchard Does His Mystifying Magic And Mental Tricks

Here’s how Master Mentalist Lior Suchard’s mystifying magic and mental tricks are actually done.

Lior Suchard calls himself a master mentalist and has a lot of people fooled thinking he has supernatural mental magical powers to read minds and do things like bend spoons and forks with just the power of his mind. So we’re going to finally reveal to you how some of his tricks are done to expose this mentalist’s tricks and how he how he tries to trick you into believing he’s supernatural.

STEP 1: Pick any number from 1 to 10
STEP 2: Multiply it by 9
STEP 3: Add the digits together
STEP 4: Subtract 5
STEP 6: What is the corresponding letter of the alphabet to that number?
STEP 7: Choose a country that starts with that letter
STEP 8: Pick an animal that starts with the next letter in the alphabet
STEP 9: Think of the color of that animal
Were you thinking of a gray elephant in Denmark?

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Now in the comments: What would you do if Lior Suchard performed a fork bending trick right in front of you, trying to make you think he’s supernatural? Would you just play along? Would you show him your own fork bending powers? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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