Fall Deeply Asleep and Wake Up with Positive Energy – 8 Hour Hypnosis

I’m answering more requests for another 8 Hour Sleep Hypnosis program. Here it is. You can fall deeply asleep and wake up with positive energy with this 8 hour hypnosis program.

I know we have all be wresting with some uncertainty and have perceived an unfortunate amount of negativity out there. This 8 hour hypnosis program, while clearing out that negativity, will also allow you to reframe and shift, so you wake up with positive energy.

This focusses on your body and your mind and your spirit really feeling good and “programming yourself” to simply be subconsciously aligned with positivity. If, in addition, you’re one who prescribes to being a 5th dimensional being, this will align you and fine tune you to attract and call forth that positive energy that manifests your preferred reality.

Everything is done in a manner so that when you do fall deeply asleep, you will be able to remain asleep for the 8 hour period, continuing to gently hear the program for the 8 hour duration. Delta Wave music provides a calm backing track. You can wake up with positive energy and enjoy more positive energy throughout your entire day.

That confidence you have, when you are filled with inner peace and experience a peace of mind, can let you know it’s all going to be OK. No matter what we perceive to be happening.

Thank you for experiencing this Fall Deeply Asleep and Wake Up with Positive Energy – 8 Hour Hypnosis!

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