Evening Ritual to Close Your Day / Sleep Meditation / Mindful Movement

Welcome to this practice to close your day with clarity and set your intentions for tomorrow. This is a powerful practice to set the tone for a peaceful night’s sleep. This meditation is a ritual to be practiced daily, as the final step you take before going to sleep. You can use my soothing voice as your guide or choose to practice on your own after you are comfortable with the ritual. It is ok if you fall asleep during this meditation as your subconscious mind is still listening.

This can also be paired with the morning meditation to START your day with clarity for an even more powerful experience. https://youtu.be/LpAzmyrUswg

It is time to let today go. The last moments before sleep are so important to us because we take these moments to sleep with us. They have a tremendous impact on how we recover while we sleep as well as how we are refreshed to start our next day. When we wake up, our thoughts pick up where they left off. Tomorrow is a new day. We can use this as an opportunity to give us the best chance to begin our day with a positive attitude and in alignment with our values and intentions.

The guided meditation practice is about 37 minutes followed by soft music for the remainder of the recording.

Meditation written by and read by Sara Raymond
Photo Credit: Hoach Le Dinh from Unsplash.com
Music Credit: Wandering in the Warmth by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. https://www.christopherlloydclarke.com. Licensed by Enlightened Audio

Do not listen while driving.
Be sure to turn off the auto-play option so that another video doesn’t play when this one is finished.

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