Esoteric Secrets – Subtle Energy Body [ INTRO #2- Occult Anatomy Of Man MASTER BLUEPRINTS ]

Subtle Energy Body MASTER BLUEPRINTS INTRO 2 – Hidden Esoteric Secrets and The Occult Anatomy Of Man:

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Meditation, Spiritual Gnosis, Extrasensory Awareness, Imagination & manifestation, Inner Alchemy, Personal Development… We are taking it all TO THE NEXT LEVEL here at Reality FIles!! We will be Expanding Awareness, Understanding Self, Mastering Perception, and Ultimately Raising Our Consciousness to new heights! Hope you join us:) This is a Home for the Awakened, and all the Warriors in Consciousness out there!

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Helping you tap into the infinite energy around us, and Awaken the power within:) Thanks for the love and keep the energy flowing!! Drop any questions below. I do skype calls/google hangouts if you have questions! Please get in touch.

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REALITY FILES : Home of the seekers, the Gnostic Warriors, the Lightbearers. WHAT WE WILL BE DISCUSSING!! 🙂

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